Different types of diaries

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Different types of diaries

Personal diary

Personal diaries have been written since written language was introduced. Typically, a diary contains relatively frequent records of the authors life and events, but it can be about anything.

Secret diary

Secret diaries are usually not shared with anyone, and hidden from public view. This is where you can share your inner most secrets and thoughts, and activities.

Anonymous diary

For many reasons, many people decide to write anonymously. It can be used to express feelings or experiences that they don't wish their surroundings to know about.

Diet diary

A diet diary is usually used to monitor and keep records of calory intake. It can be helpful to keep track of why one is losing or gaining weight.

Dream diary

Dream diaries are kept to keep track of dreams. It can be fun to try to interpret dreams, and it's often crucial to write it down as quickly as possible after waking up.

Sleep diary

Sleep disorders can be debilitating. Keeping track of sleep cycles can be very useful in their treatments.

Travel diary

Keeping a records of your travels is very useful. How often have you not tried to remember where you were on specific dates, or when that vacation was? Keeping track of this enhances your memory of journies.

Fictional diary

Fictional diaries tend to be intended for publication. There are many published works that come in the form of fictional journals or diaries. Some do pretend to be true, but it's usually fairly obvious that they are fictional.