About this site

About my-diary.org

About this site

This is a free service for anyone who wants to keep a personal online diary, and is designed to be fast and easy to use. You won't see much complicated design and heavy graphics here.

When writing or communicating through this site, please be polite and considerate. Abuse will not be tolerated.

On the Internet, information is everything. Privacy is essential. I will not rent, sell or share your email-address or the information you give me with anyone

If you decide to make your diary public, be very careful what personal information you put in it (eg. mail-adress, name, address).
There are lots of weird people out there. Trust me.

I try to have this site as secure as possible, and if you discover any problems, please contact me.

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There are many types of diaries, and many choose to share different things. The usual definition is that a diary a dated record of what's happened.
Having it online provides many improvements to the old hand-written type.
  • It's more secure, since it requires login credentials to use. No longer will siblings, parents or spouses snoop in private diaries.
  • It has functions for backups, to prevent loss.
  • It's searchable. This makes it a lot easier to find past events from keywords or dates.
  • You can use the browsers spell check to get rid of pesky spelling errors.
  • You can optionally have your diary public, for the world to read. You can then also get feedback from other users, and have interesting conversations.

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