2004-02-28 19:23:26

College Admissions Essay - Contraholics Anonymous, by Phyire Fly

Learning takes place both inside and outside the
classroom. Those experience shape who we are. Describe
your most significant and memorable learning experience.


Contraholics Anonymous

Hello; my name is Erin and I’m a Contraholic. This
will be my fifth year since I started. Actually, my
father got me hooked on contra. He picked up the habit
from my Aunt and brought it back with him. I had never
heard of contra prior to his addiction. Little did I know
how this folk dance would impact the course of my life.

My Dad used to drag me to the contra hall every
weekend but I refused to participate. I’d sit on the
sidelines and watch as everyone else enjoyed themselves.
But my defenses and excuses gradually began to weaken as a
result of the persistence of my father and his contra
friends. In the end it was too strong for me and before I
knew it my feet were moving by themselves. In a short time
I found myself allemanding and gypsying all over the
floor. I was hooked.

It would be a lie if I said I didn’t enjoy it. It
was relatively easy to do once I learned the basic steps.
Everyone did the same thing at the same time so there
wasn’t any of the self-consciousness that comes with
freestyle dancing. The contra hall became my second home
and I felt a connection to not only the contra community
but the larger family of mankind. I began to use contra on
a regular basis to escape the drama and boredom of everyday
life. Contra didn’t judge me; it was my best friend.

I didn’t experience any peculiar symptoms leading
up to infection but my family began to notice changes in my
personality. They were puzzled by my new self-confidence
and positive attitude. My self-esteem increased and an
appreciation for the differences in myself and in others
began to surface. Individuality and understanding became
my goals in life. The diversity of people I encountered
compelled me to develop social skills and patience. I also
made good acquaintances over a wide range of ages. I found
the eldest Contraholics to be the most insightful. They
had good advice for every situation and listened with

As the disease progressed I began to experience
spontaneous bouts of toe-tapping and rhythm counting.
Complications arose as the addiction spread to other
branches of dance. I soon began to show symptoms
of “Latinism,” “Ballroomism,” “Swingism,” and “Zydecoism.”
My horizons broadened as I became more aware and receptive
of other cultures’ traditions. This pursuit also became
one of my goals in life.

I have come to accept my condition. It will affect
me for the rest of my life. There is no cure for my
particular case, nor do I wish to be cured. Contra is who
I am, and I am proud to be a Contraholic!

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