It's Been A Foxy~ Day
2002-01-17 19:49:18 (UTC)

Been a while......

I found a picture of Rob in a website online. It made me
think of everything that I love about him. I still love
him and I have the feeling that I always will. What is it
about first loves anyway? Why can't you fully get over
them? I think that no matter who I'll be with, I'll always
be thinking of Rob and what could have happened if he and I
were still talking. I have decided that I'm going on a
mission. Operation: Get Rob back for good! I can't lose
him again. I don't care if I do find him and he's engaged
and the chick is pregnant. Rob is the one guy for me and I
know that he and I could make each other happy for life.
He is the kind of guy that I would spend my whole future
pleasing. Funny, I never thought that I would ever be in
love, and now I can't stop it. It's such a scary feeling,
but so overcalming at the same time. If I don't get Rob
back before I turn 25 and I haven't moved on, then I have
decided to call up some talk show and have me reunited with
my true love. True love. My true love is Rob. I know of
it. I love Rob with all my heart and soul and would do
anything for him if he needed me to.

Mood- I'm tired as hell

Song playing- Lifehouse "Hanging By A Moment"