Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-01-17 18:28:34 (UTC)

School so far...

Heh. Yup I'm at school, and I'm supossed to be typing a
paper. But, I'm not! Well, Engineering sucked, my 3-D
calendar didn't work out and I re-did it, then teh computer
crashed, so i got the privlegde of doing it again. Grrrrr!
Then Myth, was fine, I ate most of my lunch while we
finished watching A New Hope. Han is so cool. And Artoo,
is the coolest mythologic (? is that a word, i dont' think
so) messenger ever! Luke, ah!!! The Nerf hearder, he can
be the bigest whiner, not to mention lame ass, but awe we
love him. Well, I have to read Ruth for Bible study
tonight, which I haven't done yet, plus write a poem, draw a
map of Gettysburg, and all my Algebra homework. *Complains
some more*. I can do it! Well, maybe not, but whatever.
Hummm, Amy sucks, she doesn't like Star Wars and is so proud
of the fact she has never seen it before. Her loss. Ok, I
need to read Anneka's paper, and go to PE. Fun stuff...