Psychotic Rambles
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2002-01-17 17:55:05 (UTC)

Sharpie Pens

ever notice that my topics have nothing to do with my
entries? well they do to me but its all very long winded
explanations. anyway, yea, i'm kinda down cause of mike,
but hey, i'll find someone eventually. i dont know. finally
when i think i could work with someone, they dont like me.
huh. i must have said that like 5 times already.

you know something really bothers me. i've only told this
to one person and she's not even my best friend. i would
never tell this to katelyn. hopefully she doesnt read this
particular entry.

i know someone. he goes out with someone. but i think that
his girlfriend is really mean to him a lot of the time.
they make a great couple but i would love if he would be a
really good friend of mine. you know, we're cool, but just
not like best friends, but i would like to be. i'm ok with
this girl and she's one of my only girlfriends but honestly
he's too good for her. or ok, not even that. i've noticed
that the meaner a guy is to a girl the more she is nice to
him. sowell, she's too mean and he's too nice and it really
irritates me. i wish i could have someone like him. i wish
i had someone to hold me like that. to talk about me like
that. to call me every night. WHY CAN SHE HAVE IT AND NOT
ME!!!!???? what does she have that i dont that would give
her something like that? i know i'm insanely jealous but i
cant help it! why cant it ever be unfair in my favor though?

i'll write later.

Jealous skater girl