fucked up
2002-01-17 17:54:25 (UTC)

i was right

I was right. No one is reading this. At first i wasn't
sure how to feel. I kind of felt insignificant. But why
should i feel that way??? i'm not writing in this thing
for anyone. I'm doing it for me. Then i got happy. I
can write all of my fucked up thoughts in here and not
worry about anyone getting scared except me. And i can
pretend again!!! I can act like nothings going on with
everyone els and just figure stuff out in here. Granted i
do find thigs out faster talking to others. I can still
do that sometimes i guess. Or i can just talk to myself
on here like i usually do. This is going to be great. :)
I have to finish reading chapter one for my gov't class.