Intrigueing diary title
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2001-04-16 19:18:25 (UTC)

Des somehow blags trip to foreign country at the governments expense

I'm going to Italy on wednesday so this will be my last
entry for a while (makes hands up motion in attempt to
provoke aaaaahhhh noise from audience then realises he is
sitting alone in a room with only a computer and the entire
set of steps dolls for company)
so I'd better make this one memorable. Right I could go
with the tried and tested talk complete bollocks with
incredibly freaky bracketed comments(cradles head in hands
then suddenly slams fist down on and shouts "WHY CHRISTINE"
at the top of his voice)
Or I could go with a caring and inciteful view into my life
where I show how lovely and considerate I really am
Raaaaaaaay Lets go to Tijuana and get Limpey some action
I get to go to Italy for free I can't believe it this kicks
ass.(dances round room singing ring a ring a roses and
doesn't get up for half an hour after acting out the
"we all fall down" part)
Oh by the way Lady xanax told me what a butterfinger is
and then compared me to Robbie Williams (looks admiringly
at reflection in mirror for 2 hours before realising the
frame is empty) So thankyou You have now been added to the
Des hall of shame.

Its that time again kids (goddamnit I'm running out of
ideas and they won't stop they just bleed you dry)

(Dons shoddily made lycra suit then throws dental floss at
nearby building and jumps off rooftop happily singing the
spiderman tune at the top of his voice)

See you in two weeks my internet chums Des

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