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2002-01-17 17:31:03 (UTC)


just got home from my class. it was pretty boring. just sat
there trying to look up information online about homosexual
marriage rights and lack thereof.
im not sure if this is such a god topic for me to be doing
my HUGE research paper on. i think i might be a little
biased. my teacher wanted me to do it on the adoption
portion of that kind of thing. but i think thats even worse
for me moral wise and it would be driving me crazy.
keep your mouth closed ashley.
i made a new friend today. hes really cool =) his name is
patrick and we started talked before either one of us even
realized that we were both gay. or maybe my atire today
gave it away. i dunno. but it doesnt really matter. hes way
cool. and we talked a lot today. hes 22 and so nice. i like
nice people.
i also talked to my football player john today. hes such a
great guy. all sorts of hot and popular but still hes my
friend. it makes me happy. because...when i first met him.
it was my freshman year. and it was him and his two other
friends in a class with jennifer and i. and...her and i
were together. but no one really knew REALLY but you know
whatever. but like i mean we were obviously really close
and i was gay. and so all throughout that class all i got
was hardcore shit from the three of them. jennifer too. it
was really bad and i hated all of them. but you know.
throughout the rest of highschool people of that sort got a
lot fucking cooler with me. i guess at first it was the
whole immaturity nieve thing. and im just glad that i was
never an asshole to them. i fought with them argued etc.
but i was never a bitch. i never did anything outright mean
to them. although they did to me. and...it payed off. it
really did. by the end of my highschool experience i was
cool with all three of them. wed talk about girls together
etc. and i was cool with all sorts of people. being gay
wasnt a HUGE DEAL anymore. and it makes me happy that i got
to help these people...like john. realize what they did.
and im sure other gay people have benefited from it.
and...thats happiness. i love all of my straight little
friends. =) theyre great.

NAP TIME! =) =)

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