Do I get my lap dance now?
2002-01-17 17:25:31 (UTC)

So I was drinking my latte this..

So I was drinking my latte this morning, and it was really
how. and ya'know when you drink something hot, you can
feel it hanging out down your pipe, and it usually stops
half way down your chest. I could feel it splash into my
belly! It was the raddest thing. My digestive system is
the best. I keep drinking more to see if I can feel it
again. I haven't yet.
And i get to go to the dentist today. Hooray! I get super
clean teeth! And I think I'm gonna sgtart training Dax,
the dog down the road. He's a really awesome puppy, but
he's a puppy, and needs excersize and attention, and the
peope who are taking care o him while his owner is away
don't really give a crap about him. They feed him and let
him out for a fe minutes every day, but that's about it. I
feel bad for him. and you know how puppies nip? Well this
one has horrible manners (becase he doesn't know any better
yet), and nips at everyone. Including the three stupid-as-
hell kids they have running around the house. The kids
antagonize the poor dog. That's just the way he
instinctively responds. And MaKenzi, who's like two, and
pays him the most attention has parents and adults who are
ready to kick his ass if he even looks at her funny.
They're so mean. They don't understand or sympathize with
dogs at all. So everybody should be at work by now, and
April shoujld be over there babysitting, so I think I'll
show up and entertain him for a while. I'm gonna steal one
of my dogs bones to give to him to chew on. He needs a toy
of his own. They just yell at him for chewing on the kid's
toys. You're supposed to tell him 'no' and give him his
own toy to chew on. It works, morons. Augh, dumb people
should be allowed to breed, or take care of animals.

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