some guy

Who Cares?
2002-01-17 16:40:17 (UTC)


Watched a good movie last night. Romeo and Juliet (I
believe it's from a book). The way Shakespeare describes
love is amazing. "What light through yonder window breaks?
(You've all heard it) It is the east and Juliet is the Sun.
How incredable would it be to love someone so much that
they were your Sun - the one thing that brings light and
life to you. I really wish I could love like that. I used
to think that I loved my girlfriend as much as it was
possible to love someone but when you hear love described
like that I know that's not the case.
We were watching the video and I was listening to the words
and when we finished she had a go at me for being all quiet
and said I was moody with her. Christ, I can't do anything
right. First she says I don't want to watch it then she
complains when I'm getting into it.
Spoke to a very good friend of mine today which was nice
cos I thought she wasn't talking to me any more due to my
missus not letting me talk to her. Anyways, it was nice to
talk to her and find out how she's doing - about the same
as me it seems (her boyfriend doesn't trust her either)
Well, I'm going to leave it there cos I need to go get a