O_o HuH?
2002-01-17 16:11:03 (UTC)

"Where's the Toy Box"...rofl

Lack of updates, but for a good reason.. Lacey called me
yesterday. It pretty much surprised me; I didn't expect it
at all. But just her voice...the sound of her voice cheered
me up. I was feeling kinda shitty; I think it had something
to do with school. I dunno why, but I always blame things
on either school or my parents..heh. She asked me if I
wanted to go out for dinner. The catch was, she wanted to
pay, because I bought the past two or three times...but
what's wrong with that?? I'm a guy, it's my nature to take
care of her. It should always be the guy's position, at
least in my opinion. I hate to have her pay for anything;
I'd much rather do it. I was raised to be a gentleman, as
strange as it might sound, and I can't help it. I've tried
to explain it to her, but she doesn't give a fuck...and I
respect that. That's one of the things I love about her,
she stands up for herself and won't take any shit. So...she
bought. It took fuckin forever to figure out where we were
gonna go, much less the type of food we wanted. So, we took
the mexican approach. Mexican food is hard to fuck up. We
went to El Torito, the second best mexican restaurant
(haven't found the best one yet, but there's gotta be
one...). We had a great time...and it was great disturbing
the people sitting across from us. We headed back to my
place, where she refused to go to my room because she'd
have to walk past my dad and say So she ended up
waiting until my dad left the room to go in. When he walked
out and headed for his room, he glanced at me and I shook
my head, and in return he winked...I thought that was
great...never seen him give that look. So we watched some
Invader Zim and J-Rock music videos for a while until she
had to go. I walked her home...somewhat freezing my balls
off...but that doesn't matter. I had a great time...the
most fun I've had in quite a while. She's so good to me...I
feel like she deserves more from me though. When I come
around, she'll get it.
That's all for now...I'm gonna download some Luna