The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
2002-01-17 16:07:02 (UTC)

I am "The Driver"

okie dokie well la de da to the title ehh?!..ok well lets
see i havent been online for a long time so i havent
checked my email..and i probaly should..oh well i dont know
if i want to be a driver anymore its not as fun as it used
to be..i will have to start driving less..b/c i have
nomoney for for those that i give rides too..i
might have to statrt hitting you up for gas money..b/c i
have No money and gas is expensive especially for me!..oh
well i am going to go now and maybe figure out why my
computer keeps giving me the "Not responding" thing and
freezes whenever i try and open my presentation on power
point...oh well ill see yall in kunch or in schooll..(you
know who you are!)
ove yall