2001-04-16 17:53:23 (UTC)

dark clouds line the sky poem

hi all..

went to curves this morning.. but forgot my flippin lime
when i went grocery shopping the other night.. ! must get
lime.. have to go back .. hmmm

well things are ok here except i'm in another mind set
where i Really have to push myself .. ohhhhhhh i do not
want to go.. normally i would of peetered out by now.. but
something inside keeps telling me i can't .. i'm miserable
and will be til i just get it over with .. the funny thing
is i gained 6 pounds last time but my shirts continue to
fit me a little some lot better.. it amazes me that my body
can go down yet my weight is going up .. i think things are
just shifting ??? maybe.. we'll see..

i'm just tired of everything having to be a struggle in
life but i guess it's never going to be struggle free..

i really wish all of you out there engaged in the same
battle all the luck and encouragement in the world.. i can
truly empathize.. we'll get thre.. we know what to do and
we know what works.. we just have to wait.. !!! and it will
come ..

dark clouds line the sky ..
snowy gloom fills the air..
the earth sends her chill
the wind whirls through my hair..

a voice in the breeze .. echoes faint in my ear..
it's a temporary lapse.. spring soon will be here..

i try to go on but feel heavy and worn..
irrational thoughts linger on through my morn..

depression sets in .. i'm tired i'm drained..
another gust rises and echos the same..

go on don't give in .. our battles are long..
but your push for today in the end makes you strong..

just 24 hours til a new day begins..
when the sun catches up you'll feel good with your wins....

talk to you all soon .. bbye..