Bipolar - Fucked up
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2002-01-17 15:22:15 (UTC)

iN jAiL

well craigs in jail, and he'll prolly be there for a yr.
cuz he cant pay his fines or whateva. i already missed not
seein him and its only been a couple weeks. i hope he
doesnt have to take out his nipple rings and they close,
that would suck i love those things. i just hope hes doing
okay in there and not getting into fights or anything. I
guess i just get worried about him b/c when my other friend
danny went into jail he got raped by this guy and got aids.
and know hes dead. And i just found out that Chris my xbf
is in jail to. i dunno what happened to him cuz when i was
around he was always so good.I really miss chris we had
some good times, he was always there for me when i needed
him. one day when i got in a fight with my parents and was
really upset it was pouring down rain and i went by him and
he came outside and sat with me and held me, and talked to
for 3 hours in the rain. And i really, really miss that. I
mean i have lots of friends around here, but theyve never
been as close as the ones i had there.I mean i could just
walk to tommys house,chris's house. I could walk to anyones
house in the whole town b/c it was so small. and i just
miss it. well imma go now.1

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