My Life
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2002-01-17 15:06:54 (UTC)

We talked it out...

Terry did call that night and we discussed it and worked it
out. It was never a make or break the relationship deal but
it had to do with something that happened to me in the past.
I started crying on the phone when we were talking about it
and I know how guys just love that. But Terry was wonderful.
Very understanding and considerate of me. It brought up a
lot of emotions and I've had a difficult week emotionally
because of it. But Terry and I are fine, we're talking, he
asked me to dinner last night, which was nice. He left for
Texas after dinner so I won't see him for awhile.
I had a 2 hour talk last night with a guy named Chris. And I
really liked him, he was down to earth and genuine, not
ashamed to call himself a Catholic, which is very refreshing
to me. I hope I hear from him again.
And I'm suppose to go out with the Viking this Friday
although I haven't heard from him since Sunday so if he
doesn't call tonight, i guess it's off.