The Daily Babble
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2002-01-17 14:41:43 (UTC)

More dresses!

Yesterday was an interesting day...It was incredibly busy
at of the highlights was going to ChiChi's for
lunch! I love that place but I think I MIGHT finally be
getting sick of it! Unbelieveable, I know. Hehe. Jeff
and I had a strange day of conversations...We seemed
to "argue" at one point and then be fine a few minutes
later...I think I was just upset about him not wanting to
go get our pictures taken. It was something I really
wanted to do for tomorrow since we have some time
together. And before he was all about it, but this time,
he said "no I don't want to go" and then made all these
excuses and stuff. So I guess I was just upset about
it...who knows....Eventually of course, we were able to
work things out.

I also got my present from Nimra which was this really nice
stationary, a Cross pen, and stuff from Bath and Body
Works. Very nice stuff, so that was cool.

After work, I picked up the pictures of me and Jeff that I
dropped off the other day and then Cathlin came to pick me
up to go out. We stopped off at some teaching store and I
bought $50 worth of books for her for her Christmas
present! Then we went to David's Bridal to try on the
dresses. We actually found our sizes and the dresses
looked so great! So we were pretty excited. Stopped off
at Payless before she took me home. It was good finally
seeing her...we caught up and talked about what's been
going on with Jill...we're both pretty upset about it and I
don't know what else I can do, so basically I'm not going
to do anything. Would it be wrong if I took the page I
made of her off my website? Cuz I'm considering it...I
dunno. The whole situation is just really upsetting.

Anyway, Jeff and I had a good conversation that night and
I'm looking forward to seeing him tomorrow...Well Back to