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2002-01-17 12:30:32 (UTC)

the car

I can't bleive how fucked up those people are, I really

Today, at 730 pm, elisa came home fom the river, and when
she got here the front drivers gaurd from my falcon was in
her way. she movd this, and parked.
About 20 mins later, after we were changed, we went out to
get her mums handbag. The bumped from my car was sitting
behind the car, I moved it and then found that there was a
pair of scratches down the back of her car. It was clear
these were from the bumper, as the paint was on the

I confronted him, and a heated conversation follwed. He
told me that hew had moved the braket, and that he was sick
of my rubbish being around. I told him this was no excuse
for damaging the car. I told him I was going to call the
police, and he laughed saying enbjoy your day in court.

About 1/2 an hour later, when I was walking past he
pysically threatened me. Stating that he was going to punch
my head in.

Afte rthis the police arrived, took details.. and were
happy to press charges.

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