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2002-01-17 11:15:22 (UTC)


hey guys im in HK now

this is so cool

im over the jetlag thingy and its amazing!!im in an
internet cafe now its pretty nice here, very very crowded
at night not TOO crowded in the morning... im taking som
pix.. but i couldnt find somewhere to put them on the
internet.. its kool here, very many shops. nasty smells, i
saw ppl grilling live turtles or smthing. hmm wat else to
tel u? it looks a lot like canada but its more crowded and
i think its more organised than there, lots of police men.

today we walked around looked for somecds.. and some stuff.
then my dad bought somestuff and i will also...

EVERYTHING IS DIRTY HERE, but there is this youth program
thing or mabe some BALADIYA thing they r cleaning up the
places.. well i have maybe 2 or 3 pages to write for u
about my trip in the airplane. it was kool, but wierd...

bye guys

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