My PoiNT oF vIEW
2001-04-16 16:30:57 (UTC)


SPRinG BreAk! No SchOOl for A weeK, frEEdoM, HAppInESs,
EtC! BUT itS ReAllY BoRInG....CallED kEvin At 10 ThiS
mORnIng, HuNg UP AT 11. TOld HIm TO Go ONlinE And NOW iTs
12:30...WELl, AlmoST...
Me And KeVin DeCiDeD to Go To tHE moVIeS TOmOrrOW..
HOPefUlly..I wAnnA wAtCh SpY Kids...ThaT LoOKs LikE a
REAllY gooD moviE...I AlSO wAnnA waTch JoSiE and The
PuSsyCatS and ThE brotherS...IM goNNA Go W/ my SisTEr (Who
AlSo WanTS to See SpY Kids :P) And THen We'Re GOnnA mEet
KeVin AT thE mOVies...WelL, I haVE TO Go WitH hElEn Cuz I
hAvE nO riDe...I'm A fReAkinG 12 YEaR olD And i canT DriVe
N e WayZ...KeVIns GettINg a RIde FRUm HIs moM....At lEAsT
sHE nOSe AbouT uS...
kEVin NotIceD SuMThiNg AnD TolD mE on The FOne...
We NeVEr HaVe AnyTHinG to TalK AbouT, BuT we'RE on THE FOne
For At leASt An hoUR....SamE With BeiNG ONliNE....After WE
Get oFf, WE CAll eacH oTHEr ANd iT StartS alL OVer...BuT
thAtS okAy Cuz we haVe FUN WeN We tAlk TO eAch
Other.....Its So FuNnY WEn We hAve A ConVerSatIOn...hAHha

AnyWAyZ...PiAno TeACHErS goNNa ComE And I goTtA Go
PrAcTIce! ByE!