Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-01-17 09:02:08 (UTC)

In Off The Red.

I don't think I've ever been in a worse state of mind as I
wrote anything as I am today, so I apologise if I seem
bitter at any point.

Firstly, a note to Horse-A-Bix. Yes, yes, he did.

Then onto my 'life' (see what I did there, yadda yadda
yadda). Today I go into a university I no longer owe money
to, having paid out the best part of my student loan on my
fees the other day, to choose between one of two units I
could be doing this term. The choices go like this.

1. Aspects of German; German being my least worthy subject
at school, and one of the only things I have a genuine
phobia of, having got merely an 'E' at A-Level.

2. Acq. Lang Path: This I REALLY want to do, but only got
45% in an essay before Christmas. A direct quote from the
marker of said essay. "This is written with such a lack of
punctuation and poor grammatical style that it is difficult
to follow your meaning." Oooh, cos she really likes me, and
what I do, no doubt be happy for me to be inher class again.

Then I get a letter through from my LEA who shall remain
nameless saying instead of paying £365 fees (which is what
I should have to. They said that when I came down for the
2nd year) I have to pay £882. Note the tiny increment
between the two figures. Note that the difference is not
quite present in my bank balance. I feel to have been a bit
screwed over. I think next year we ought to point out, that
rather than paying my sister's fees and not mine, as
happened last year, which is why the figure was as it was,
that my mother is paying even more £300-a-month or so for
my sister to stay in a country doing things that she won't
tell us about.

But other than that, I need sleep, feel really ill, and
have run out of milk. The last time I felt this good was
when we were relegated lazst summer.

Its like a hangover, as if my head is encased in a block of

On the plus side, we've got the new sofas at home, now. I
get the feeling I'll be spending more time than ever using