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2002-01-17 08:22:29 (UTC)

Thursday, 17 January. 2001

Time Started: 6.10pm
Listening to: The Ramones - You're Gonna Kill That Girl
Mood: Really Good

I got my Qtac back today, well last night really. They
were supposed to come online at 1am, but for some reason I
went to the website at 11.30 and you could already check.
So I chucked in my details and was pleasently suprised when
it said I had been offered my first preference. So from
the 18th of February I will be doing Human Services at
Griffith. I can't wait! I'm so excited, I wasn't sure if
I would get in to it. I just told my dad, he's pretty
fucking proud - his first child to go to University. I'm
pretty proud of myself too actually. Feels good to make my
oldies proud of me - I don't do it often enough :)

Anyway, enough of the emo bullshit. went to roxy's
yesterday, she has been sick the last few days. she has
tonsilitus. poor girl. she's pretty much better now
though, which is good - I hate seeing her sick.

Ok that's enough dribble for today,

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