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2002-01-17 06:25:42 (UTC)

New Tour

After the first one fell short...this tour will begin to
rock. In the coming weeks I will announce dates for the
big tour of I Am. In the meantime I will be doing another
reading at Griffs next wednesday. Hopefully the sound
system will be working this time.
I'm finally updating the site. There is a new poll, three
new poems to be previewed and a few other updates. In the
coming weeks more links will be up. This year will be the
The tour will only be through the month of Febuary. After
March I will give you an exact date for I Am: An Experiment
in Poetry.
Lastly, it looks like the number 75 will be the number of
poems in the collection. I must admit, it was more then I
could have dreamed of. In my next entry I'll go on and
explain how that came to be.
All in all I am impressed with the experiment. Whether it
goes my way or not I can at least finally say I tried to
succeed at this. In the end that is what life is all about.
Lastly, I want to say a thank you to those that have become
fans of mine on bolt. They have given me some great
insights on my poems. Without you I probably would not
have gone in some of the directions I have. Thank you.
Have a good one everybody.
The Mad Scientist

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