Holy cow...WHAT is going on here?!!?!
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2002-01-17 06:24:36 (UTC)

kiss and lie?

Well, the rumor at rehearsal today was that John kissed
Marisa after rehearsal last night. So, Kati and I bluntly
asked him, and he said he didn't, and that he only hugged
her. I believe him and so does Kati, cause he's not the
kind of person to lie, and the person that told us the
rumor isn't exactly the kind of person you like to trust.
But still have NO idea what's going on in the
me/John/Marisa situation. I think Marisa turned mean or
something. She hasn't been as nice to me as she was before.
Oh well, if anyone should be mad at anyone, I should be mad
at her....but I'm not. No big deal. Last night Tessa went
home crying because Mike Hertz called her a bitch. Well, he
had no right to say that. Kati and I are still trying to
get everything straight. We're starting to think that John
is realizing that Marisa is leading him on, again. Ohhh the
drama!!! It's horrendous!!
Honor band auditions were tonight. Oooooh did I suck butt!!
See, I left rehearsal early to go to Moorpark H.S., thats
where the auditions were, and i get to my "Clarinet Room"
and she say's "You're audition time isn't until 9:30"!!! So
I'm there, at 7:15, going "what in god's name am I gonna do
for 2 hours and fifteen minutes?!" And then I started
listening to the people warming up, and OH MY GOD they were
SO good!! So I totally was like, "Screw this, i'm not gonna
make it, and it's not even worth it.!" So I went home. I
come online, and Dustin's like, "wait, go back and
audition, they're accepting 24 clarinets!!" OMG!! that's
all I have to say!! So I drive all the way back to
Moorpark, get there just as they're closing and get to
audition. Of course, Miss T told me the wrong scales to
know, etc. So I sucked, but there's still a bit of hope,
you know?
School is boring. Math is hard. Chemistry sucks. Spanish is
boring especially without Brian there. He's having knee
surgery. :( Well, John was SUPPOSED to be ONLINE right NOW
so we could talk, but NO, of course NOT!!! Damn him! NOT
cool, John, NOT cool!! Okay, I am gonna go in a few
minutes. Write more tomorrow.

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