the joys of being dani
2002-01-17 06:20:03 (UTC)

i feel a heaviness in my heart....

we always end up back together

together figuratively speaking...not a couple, but always
back talking about how we love each other....

and its so damn hard....

i met someone kick ass...someone amazing...but then they
always get compared to him.....and i hate that

i hate that i know who i want

i hate that he loves me

but id die if he didnt

i really would

it just makes it so so hard...

you think you know where youre going, you think you have
moved on, then one word from them and youre thrown back
into the past or back into the future or something...

god alive

i dont know i dont know i dont know

im a nineteen year old girl and im so young i just dont know

fuck it



im crying

and i suck at faking

which is good cause i hate fakers

but god



cause im not being fake

im just not horny anymore

i WOULD have talked dirty with you man...but i just got
other things on my mind....

i love you...and i like you....

and i dont know what the hell im supposed to do

its always easy when its someone else's can
always see what to do

but when its your own its like awww motherfucker

*goes to call josh*


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