Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2002-01-17 06:19:57 (UTC)

Poem - "On Your Own"

When you start to look around and see nothing but air
And think "Didn't there used to be something there?
Weren't there people who said that they care?"
When you think you might have misread this sign,
'Cause you tripped and fell trying to walk the line.
When the voice in your head is speaking some foreign tongue,
And you start to think maybe you ain't that young,
Maybe you ain't that strong,
Maybe you can't run for that long,
Maybe you need a friendly face
That doesn't care if you win first place,
Or maybe you just need some time to think,
Or a pen, some paper, and a well full of ink,
Or maybe another drink.
Maybe what you need is right there beside you,
Trouble is, you've been stepped on and lied to,
And you've buried the answer deep down inside you,
And it's hidden so well
Even you can't tell
If that key you're holding is for Heaven or Hell.
When you park your car by the side of the road
To rest for a while so your head don't explode,
When you see your friends just keep right on going,
Speeding on by without ever knowing
That's you over there with your soft spot showing,
With your hair blowing,
With your legs breaking,
And your head aching,
And your whole body shaking,
And your clothes tearing,
And they just smile without even caring
What's underneath the mask you're wearing.
When you're sitting alone in your favorite haunt,
Thinking there must be something you want,
Something that might convince you to stay,
But you know that something is as far away
As a snow angel on a hot summer day.
When you know all too well what it's like
To have five flat tires on your motorbike,
When the motions aren't even worth going through,
And you're tired of nobody knowing you,
Tired of all the busted up dreams,
Tired of all the ripped up seams,
Tired of falling, jolting and jerking,
Crashing, slipping, struggling and working,
Tired of always finding the truth,
Tired of all the unspoiled youth.
When it takes all your strength to throw in the towel,
And the smiling faces begin to scowl,
When your team realizes you're only a man,
And they pack up and leave as fast as they can,
When all the glory and fortune and fame
Vanishes into thin air as quick as it came,
When nothing's helping you stand but your own two feet,
You realize you can't march to someone else's beat,
When you're left for dead in the dark alone,
Then, my friend, you're on your own.

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