Queen Bee

2002-01-17 05:49:08 (UTC)

Almost to late

After like 4 years of starving myself, someone finnaly
caught on the the fact that, well, i have a problem. I have
been doing this to myself for 4 years, but hye thats what
you get with a family like mine. But mel figured out, she
was the one who actually finally said something, and she
told my bro, nad so me and him talked, something my family
doesnt do too often, which is kinda sad. But as of now me
and my bro are a lot closer, but me and my other fam.
members, psst! please. like someone wou;d actually take
time to, i dunno, sit down and actually have a civilized
conversation, espeially not with me. No they just sit
around and call me boney, like i think its some big
compliment,m it isnt, i guess people think i want to be
this way, i cant help but be this way. apparently they
think i dont eat because i like to look like a beanpole, no
i dont i dont eat because i have a problem, but people dont
take the time out to ask me whats going on, NO! they just
kinda assume that im jsut peachy, that i dont have to live
with the pain of watching my best friend and my brother go
thru this because i have vanity issues, but, according to
my family i am jsut fine. and all these people wonder why i
cut myself., oh wait i should just ask my fam, they could
tell me why i do it!!! but hey thats my family for ya.