Things to keep secret
2001-04-16 15:43:45 (UTC)

Hey I am back, I enjoyed my..

Hey I am back, I enjoyed my Easter because I thought it
would consist of fights but hey we are actually getting
along real good, I am scared tho because my hubby has
cheated on me one year and a half into our relationship
and it is scary but that bitch is scared of me because se
knows I know where she lives and I will whoop his ass, she
was telling him that I was online cheating on him, but she
dont even know me so he was doing the same or at least he
was trying he never met this bitch and she toild him she
loved him and he responded the same until I found out, well
he called her and told her in front of me that he never
loved her his heart is where he is at at home with his 3
kids and his wife. Well ever since that we have been really
trying because we are talking more, thanks to my trying
because I never used to talk but now even if I cry I tell
him what I feel, I dont want him to think that I am holding
back or pushing him away.
Also I was not cleaning the house and her house was
supposed to be clean so he was telling her how he does it
all, but I have to tell you all why because he was the kind
of hubby that if I got up and started doing things he had
to do it his self because he was the man of the house, so
he was washing clothes, giving kids showers, cooking
dinner, washing dishes, putting stuff away basically doing
it all. Well I got set in my ways so I guess you could say
I was lazy but I have done so much now that he brought it
out in the open, he used to keep things locked up because
he was scared it would A-start a fight or B-hurt my
feelings, but it build up in him so he went astray instead
of A-talking to me or B-trying to get me to understand his
job and work load at home is too much in a way that would
not hurt. Well I am done for now, my grandma is coming up
so I have to take her to get her puter so we can email back
and forth this will be good