for show and tell
2002-01-17 05:20:06 (UTC)


"so, how's life", i was asked.

oh brother, i thought. like i don't have enough to tell.
my dear friend nabi; *sigh* poor friend needs a pick-me-
up. i feel like writin' stuff, like poems or stories, but
i have NO idea what to write about... i think, even though
i don't like dickenson's format, i write like her, so i
might as well anyway.. i mean, no format, just descriptive
writing, and i barely ever make a good rhyme... however...
i have made some pretty acceptable poems. ^_^ whee~

to nabi, my dear dear friend: (i made it rhyme!)

I saw you one day,
You're were looking kinda nice.
Your hair was really pretty, too,
And you said, "It's just right."

You smiled a big smile,
But, despite it, I knew.
That behind that façade
You were hurting inside you

You said, "My mother's not well"
And in your eyes,
I could really tell,
I'm pretty wise

"My brother's no good,"
You said with an "Umm"
You looked up to me,
"What are we to become?"

"Nabi," I said, softly
"It's all up to you,
I really can't help you,
You know what to do."

I tapped her temple
With my index finger,
And we talked a bit longer
To pass time and linger

And seeing her downhill plight
I gave her shirt a tug
She turned around to see me
And I greeted her with..

A hug

-From a friend who likes ya a lot~ ^_~

aww, that was crap. oh well, has sentimental value. ^_^ i
got my point across in the end. I CARE! anyway, live long
and prosper, and if you don't, i care.