my so called life
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2001-04-16 15:39:59 (UTC)

Easter Monday

Wzzzup? :D
This is scary, it's Monday, tomorrow's Tuesday and then
Wednesday - - gaaa - - - School! I know I said it
probably won't be so bad, but.. I'm getting second
thoughts.. I have to start getting up at like 7 am or
something again, that'll be haaard..
My aunt knows my math-teacher, and she met him a few days
ago. He was like, hmm, is Cath your relative? My aunt said
yes,and he said he was my teacher and that I was an
incredible gifted student. When my aunt told my I was like
noo way! But she promised he said that. I really don't get
it, if he thinks I'm that brilliant, why is he giving me a
4? (our marking system is like 0-6, with and - and 0/1,
1/0, 1/2 etc. 6 is top. In America you hear about students
getting straight A's all the time, but no one here gets 6
in every class. NO ONE. ) We're having terminal
examinations in a few weeks, and he said if I get a 5
(which is a very good mark), I'll get a 5 at my leaving
certificate, and that would be really great. But you're not
an incredible gifted student when you get a 4. He's such a
jerk! Actually I'm a bit intimidated by him, he's shady.
Yesterday was nice. Ben sent me a message about 5 pm saying
he was back, just stopping by his grandparents'. He was
going to Steve's later and wanted me to come :) It's not
like I got the wrong ideas or anything, I know we're just
friends and that's probably all we'll ever be . I don't
know if I want us get involved either, it would be too
silly, Steve and Geri and now Ben and I. But I think he's
really, really HOT, at the moment he's the most sexy guy I
know and he can be really sweet too. I say CAN because
sometimes he's very shameless and has an attitude, but I
know he doesn't really mean it. It's just annoying
sometimes, cause he's always saying mean stuff, and it can
actually hurt your feelings. He doesn't get that, though. I
can only remember one time he realized he had gone too far.
I got really fed up and he finally got the picture. He
apologized, but I think I just looked at him. I know he's
been feeling bad about it. Serves him right. But he's like
that to everyone, so a person with some self-confidence
doesn't take it personally. I guess that's some of the
reason I like him so much. I like 'em a little baaad ;D
But I also think that's why he's never had a girlfriend, he
doesn't know how to treat the ladies! :D
I met Ben almost two years ago, but I didn't get to know
him for real till we got in the same chemistry class. I've
alway though he was cute, and we got really close at the
Christmas Prom. He was really sweet, keeping me warm when
we were waiting for the taxi to come and at the nachspiel I
fell asleep in his arms. Same thing happened New Year's
Eve. I was totally drunk, though, I wish that night never
happened. He was sweet though. But until now I've only
liked him physically. When he went on his Easter Holiday, I
realized I missed him a little too much. But it's not like
I'm in love with him or anything, I just like him.. a lot.
Yesterday was nice. Geri called and they picked me up at
20.30. The boys were all crazy in the car, Jim, Ben and
Steve together is always fun. Geri isn't that much fun
though, it seems she's never really happy. But she's kind.
They wanted to rent a movie, but Jim and I vetoed it.
Easter = too many videos.
So we just watched TV and stuff. My neck hurts badly, I
don't know what's wrong, guess I shouldn't be doing this,
the computer is the root of all evil ;D
Ben was sweet and gave me a massage on the condition that
he had one afterwards. I didn't mind though, I love
touching him :)

I think I'll just stay home today, resting before school.
Ahh, my shoulder hurst soooo much :(