Forgotten Misery
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2002-01-17 04:56:51 (UTC)


Being told that someone loves u and u know it comes from
thier heart from there entire soul is hard. Right now im
trying to get who i am established here and the past will
not falter for even one min. My good friend is in love
with me and believes I am the one for him I am his soul
mate. He asked me to military ball and is now pushing for
us to try to be us He to me is a brother he knows my soul
he knows my past he knows everything aabout me and reads my
mind but still im healing here even though im being dumb i
know i am its life. Geoff has his life without me and well
i dont live there right so i should forget him as a love
and remeber friends and im trying sighs. I would take
anything to be with you zak said this and so much more his
love is so strong it scares me and i can never return his
feelings this i am sure of right now im young and not ready
for the whole forever like i thought i was gota talk this
out nite


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