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2002-01-17 04:38:16 (UTC)

Fun Day

Well today same routine as usual- got up, took a shower,
put on my makeup, blow dryed my hair, got dressed, stopped
@ shipleys before I went to school, walked to Diana's car
to meet Chaunte and Shayla which I usually don't do since I
never get there early anymore, I'm usually late. Went to
Geometry took my final it was easy I guess, man scantrons
suck! All that bubbling in when you could jus circle an
answer, oh well no big deal it went by fast. Got to see
Logan, gave him a hug talked to him for 2 mins maybe. Went
to English, oh man that final was easy, I finished it fast,
hehe of course it was a scantron. We had like an hour to
kill till we got out I jus sat there and listened to some
Bush and some Impossibles on my cd player half of the time,
then I talked to Justin and Domni, silly kids. Danny was in
my class but he was sleeping. Finally got out talked to
Chaunte first trying to figure out where Joseph was to give
us a ride home, found him so I went and gave Logan a hug,
talked to him he said he had to go see a lawyer after
school about all that crap that happened I told him good
luck gave him another hug, haha I*m such a loser. Talked to
mexican Joe about his party, gave him my #. So I'll
probably do that fri. Raven wants me to come see her in
Houston friday but we have monday off so I can go to Joe's
party friday and go down to Houston on sat. and stay till
monday, well this is gonna be a fun weekend, yaya! Sorry
got off the subject trying to get my weekend figured out
but now I have so after school Joseph dropped Lindsay,
Chaunte, and I off @ Shayla's, I kinda wanted to go home
cus I had a little somethin @ my house but Joseph wasn't
gonna be around my house till later after he picked Lindsay
up to take her home so we jus chilled there, I'm glad we
did though it was fun I haven't hung out w/ those people in
a while. Me and Lindsay walked to Jack in the Box cus she
doesn't like Diana that much and we were hungry, but me and
Lindsay talked it was nice I guess, sometimes I can't
figure out Lindsay, but oh well. Then Shayla showed up she
had gotten Caroline to drop her off. We ordered we got our
food, finally, there were so many people there and we were
the only girls and all these worker guys were checking us
out, it was kinda gross, there was 2 cute guys there, but
anyways we ate then walked back to Shayla's (I need a car).
Well after we hung out @ Shayla's for a while Joseph came
and got us we went to Lindsay's to get a couch from her
house for Shayla's, Lindsay called her mom she told her we
couldn't do it till later cus they jus got this brand new
nice glass kitchen table and she didn't trust us so we
tried to do it anyways but as we were getting it out the
freakin bed part flew out and knocked me over cus I was in
front of it, trying to make sure it wouldn't pop out ha
good job right? it popped out @ Shayla too, and we
scratched some paint off the wall so Lindsay told us to put
it back and they'd jus do it later, fine w/ me. Then we
finally went back to my house, smoked, sat and listened to
music then later Shayla and Chaunte left, I was supposed to
walk them but I got online to see who was on and I saw
Logan was on so I was like sorry guys, they didn't really
care though so I talked to Logan, aw. David called me, it
was a surprise, I haven't talked to them in a while, ha he
was drunk. Talked to Danny on the phone, I tell him so
much, but Danny's cool I have fun w/ him. Alright well this
has been a long and eventful day theres more but I've
written too much already time for bed, more finals
tomarrow, yaya. Goodnight.

music: Incubus- Mexico