Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-01-17 04:30:50 (UTC)

Junkie XL and My Now Great Life!

I'm going to go to a Supercross!!!!! April 27, second to
last round, in Salt Lake City! And my cute butt is sooo
going to be there. In section, E36, row 36, seats 27 and
28! Wooooohoooo!!!! Yeah! Can you tell I'm happy?!
Damn, I can't wait, that's a long time, exactly a hundred
days ... wow ....
Anyhoo, I had a fairly good day (this was before I ordered
my SX tickets). History, I managed to waste 90 minutes.
Chemistry, sucked I don't understand, and we have a test
next class. Academy, boring, and poor Zac can't get his
barracuda now! Whatever shall he do? Lunch, actually
wasn't to bad today. Jamie was dull, then Jodelle and
Margaret showed up, so that was a nice surprise. PE, 2
words, flag football, need I say more? I'll have bruises
tomorrow. Algebra, was fun. My little group is so
screwed, its hilarious. Colby is just so stupid, Larissa
is lame and stupid and laughs like a drunk chipmunk, Kai,
is way too smart and sarcastic (and a bit cute), and me
well I'm just weird. By the end of class, we were all at
separate corners of the class room. heh... Still no Racer X
calendar, its not coming. I need to call and be annoying.
Ok well, I'm exhausted and still sick, so this'll be short,
ya'll won't care... but hey Jessica, because your the only
one who reads this so, I Love You!!!!!! XXOO, you sexy punk
rawk grrrrl!!!! (is that right, or am I way off in lame
wanna be wonderland?)