Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2002-01-17 04:25:12 (UTC)

Thinking of me?

He called. D called!!! AH!!!! I wasn't here to take his
call, I caught a movie with ShM & her brother (Oceans 11
ROCKED!!!! It was purely great.)
But ya...he called. :) So, is he thinking of me like I'm
thinking of him? Is he just bored there? Whatever his
reason, I will definately be calling HIM when the 30 days
is up....I'm on Cloud 9 right, Cloud 8....if
things can patch up & get well again between us I'll be on
Cloud 9. And that's where I should be. I deserve it.
Even if all we can be is friends, I think that's enough to
make me happy again....but if there's a chance at more,
I'll take it. I miss him so much and I love him. I LOVE
HIM. I don't love easily and I love him. I've always loved
him...for years. Ever since we argued about tinfoil in
GaM's shack so many moons ago. Ever since we started
spending every spare minute we could together. Ever since
we admitted to ourselves & everyone else that we loved
eachother (including my ex/his friend who turned into a
stalker & we had to get a restraining order....bad....) and
that was really a crazy time & at the same time it was so
wonderful....could we ever go back to being best friends?
I've loved him ever since we broke up (though I denied
that....even to him one time when he called saying he
missed me, I told him I didn't miss him.....I was just
Could it ever work out right and possibly go on to be a
forever thing?
He's the only person who can make me laugh so much, make
me love so much, make the little things in life seem good.
Only recently have I realised how lonely & unhappy I've
been ever since we broke up. He is by far the most
wonderful person I've EVER met and EVER loved. I love him
with all of my heart and EVERYTHING else...I swear I do.
Just to have him close, in my life again will be enough.
Like I said though, I'd be happy to give "us" a second
chance. Whatever happens happens, but I sure am glad to
know he's thinking of me.