a little piece of me
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2002-01-17 04:15:48 (UTC)

it's over

yep, i'm having a nervous breakdown. always wondered about
these fuckers. and now, one of my very own! i dont know
why people complain about them. everything is so fucking
funny right now. ooooh, i slit a big gash in my arm.
lololololol! you know, stuff like that. brett and i broke
up for real. so now i still get to see other people, just
don't get to see him!

him: Let's end it cause I'm not gonna be able to go
anywhere with this and I'd rather be able to be like we
used to then depressed and feeling horrible about things

and my response (dear lord i'm an asshole):sorry buddy ol
pal, but you and i are never going to be like we used to

want more? ahh, my life for the world to read. pathetic.
him: .....why
me: because i can't
him: .....ok
me: but you and i are over, so no need for me to explain
myself any more
him: ...I'm gonna go
me: bye
him: ...just bye?
me: yup, just bye.
there was a tad bit of editing, and i corrected lots of his
mistakes, but that was the last part of it.

let's see...anything more i want to put up there?

me: how about this. i won't talk to you for a week. 2
weeks. a year. whatever. give you some time to think
things over. when you decide, you let me know.
him: I won't decide i'm not good at this I'm not mature
that's classic! that was before the ending it stuff.

i'm bleeding lots, and freezing to death, so i'm going.


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