The Eye of the Storm
2002-01-17 03:59:38 (UTC)

Psycotic mime 1/16/2k2

One day, there was a little mime named Storm. We know her
name was Storm because it was written on her shirt..
Anyways.. one day, as this lil mime was in her room, she
decided to make herself a box to play in. She made a floor,
then sat down to make walls.. quickly realizing that she
made the walls way to small and couldnt move. And as she
was trying to get herself out of the box, she noticed a
roof had been somehow placed above her head. And there she
stayed.. in a box somewhere in Michelle Turners room, until
she finally went completely insane within the box.. and
from that insanity came an idea.. what if.. she imagined
that the box wasnt there anymore.. POOF!! IT WORKED!! She
then escaped taking over Michelles mind!!! Then she
realized everything Michelle knew.. Such as that they were
going to Universal Citywalk that Monday and she could play
alll day long.

To be continued...