LonelyStars JOurnal
2002-01-17 03:48:36 (UTC)

Today wasn't to bad

Today i woke up kinda late but still got a tight parkin
spot at school. Life sports was great i tore it up in
basketball shootin like i never shot before i'm glad i'm
getting better at it now i'm a baller hah. Rehersal for the
musical was fun i get to sit in the audience forthe first
part of the play cause i'm special. Today i hung out with
gabby,brandon and mike then cj came over and we jammed and
mike and i decided cj is our full time guitarist and i told
them that we have been offered a spot to open at hemp
heaven. soo matt is comin over friday at 4 and were gonna
get all of our songs down so we can get this show on the
role quick. well thats about it soo peace

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