Visions Of Life
2002-01-17 03:25:49 (UTC)

My LoveLife Is Like A Fairy Tale On Crack

Once upon a time there was this gothic maiden who lived in
Colorado. One day she decided she wanted to find her prince
charming. So she went on a search throughout the lands to
find a guy. The first guy she came upon was too nice and
too sweet. His sugar coating made the maiden want to vomit
so she searched out another prince. The next guy she came
upon was much too mean. He was a controlling asshole so she
left him and continued searching. The third guy she came
upon was just right. Even though he wasnt gothic, she fell
in love. He was perfect. But then the maiden started
thinking. And thinking too much leads to trouble. And her
intelligent yet chemically imbalanced maiden brain decided
she was afraid of getting hurt so the maiden ran away like
a cat on fire. But this crazy tale isnt quite complete,
because the maiden has been thinking... Will there be a
happy ending? Who knows.. I sure dont...


Hmmmm... Damn, Im in a great mood. =) Great sex and Geat
company will do that.. lol

My laptop is officially fucked up. If you would like to
send a donation to the "Help Christine Buy A New Laptop"
Fund, send me your email addy.. lol.. Hmm.. *thinks* Maybe
this should be a "Pay For My Therapy" Fund.. *laughs*

I am kinda serious though.. Maybe a hypnotist.. Someone who
can hypnotise me and sort out the madness I have buried
within.. Then.. Ill either be more fucked up or cured..

Okay.. This is Day 0 of my plan to sort out my life..
Tomorrow starts the beginning of a new Christine.. Well..
how about the same lovable Christine who has her life put
back together? Sounds good to me... Tho I will be either
sleeping or shopping all day.. And perhaps loving,.. we'll
see.. I need one of those lil eeny tiny tabletop indoor
grill things so I can grill veggie burgers.. lol.. is that
a crime? Grilling vegetarian meals? if it is then cuff me
and search me cuz Im gonna be a bad girl.. *giggles* wait..
wrong conversation... lol

Hmmm.. I have nothing more to say at the present time... I
might return later so you can all enjoy more of the
glorious splender of Christine.. lol