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2002-01-17 03:14:07 (UTC)

Folk Tale I Wrote

It was for my english final. Its about the Loch Ness
monster. Tell me what you think if you read it.IN the
1930’s a great attention was drawn to Scotland. New
flashes rang across radios and televisions across the world.
“Monster spotted in the loch. Only known as Loch
Ness monster.”
“So the water dragons have returned. Grandfather
often spoke of these creatures.”
The old man went to his room. He opened a large
chest and pulled out an odd whistle, a beautiful pendant,
and a rusty old spear.
“Grandfather would often speak of how the monsters
could be tamed with these items.”
These items were what were needed to tame the
beast. They could put the monster to rest. Nessi was a
gently creature at heart. The old man knew this from the
tales of past and knew the functions of the three items.
Rumors of Nessi’s ferocity spread through the town like
wild fire.
“I was driving home and, it lurched right in front
of my car! Then it just suddenly disappeared.”
These were the types of things being said around
the town. The man felt sorry for the poor beast and
decided to go and take care of the situation.
“Dear I am going to the Loch. I have business to
attend to.”
“DO be careful honey. I don’t want you getting
yourself hurt.”
The old man smiled and kissed his wife on the
cheek. He leisurely strolled out the door with a bag on
his back. He was going to help out Nessi. As he walked
toward the lake people begged and pleaded it for him to
turn back.
“He’s gone crazy, he’s lost his marbles, and he’s a
goner!” These and various other cries were heard as he
drew nearer to Nessi’s home.
The crowd watched in horror. The man pulled out
the first of the three artifacts. It was the whistle.
This whistle was carved with the shape of a snake on it and
had strange words painted on it. The man blew the whistle
and the Loch Ness monster rose out of the lake. With a
mild tidal wave coming toward them the people shrieked and
ran away in terror. The man then reached into his bag and
pulled out the pendant. It had a bright green emerald in
the middle. It also had the snake like figure on it.
The old man held up the pendant and mumbled, “Those
who run shall not remember, those who stay shall only think
they saw.” The old man put a curse on the cowards as no
one had stayed.
After all were gone he proceeded to take out the
rust old spear.
“Good friend my grandfathers, great grandfather
said this belongs to you.”
“Why, you have my pen. I have looked for it for
years and have been unable to find it.”
The old man and Nessi quickly became good friends.
The old man warned Nessi not to make herself visible to
often. He warned of this because he could only suppress
the people memory so many times. The old mans family is
now the only family that knows the Loch Ness monster
exist. So when you see the Loch Ness monster it is most
likely he is visiting with his good friend the old man.

If you read it thanks.

Love you Tricia.
Laters everyone else