The Basement
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2002-01-17 02:26:22 (UTC)

Yours Truly

Dun feel lyke writtin bout anythin lately.
It was snowing during my P.E period as we were playing
hockey in the gym. Everybody was lazy and was just hitting
da puck back and forth back and forth. it was really
boring. Then mah P.E teacher said dat she'll let us all out
to play in da snow if we try to actually score some points.
I was goalie of course(easiest) and i agreed. yep yep. our
team won 1-5. Yay! hockey ish one of mah fav sport but its
no fun when no one else participates.

I joined a forum thing.It was specially for werewolves and
vampires. I mean REAL weres and vamps not da ones hollywood
made up with them not appearing in mirrors and sucking
blood through fangs. U myte be asking da reason i joined.
I'm a werewolf... or what they like to call, an otherkin.
Before u think "psycho" let meeh sorta explain wat is
fiction and wat is real. Werewolves in real dunt shapeshift
lyke those corny books and movie say. Were r souls that
have a really strong bond with animals. I'm bonded with a
wolf. I get strong energy boosts from the moon and
especially at night. I feel at home in the mountain forests
with snow below my feet. I tend to growl alot and i dont
know it. And I have memories of running free in the
mountains and rocky hills.Its weird. Its really hard to
describe it. I just feel free from hatred, the world, and
everything else. Everything was all based on simple
instinct and the ryte to move around in the native land. I
just feel so carefree with only the moon by my side. Haha,
i myte sound weird but its true. Why would i lie to my own
diary? My friend is an otherkin too. She's not a vamp or a
were. I tihnk she may be a psy vamp(vamps that drain energy
from auras instead of blood) or she may be a mixed breed.
She can see through peoples eyes into their soul. She can
basically read minds too i guess. She can tell the mood
they are in, their soul is happy or unhappy, and if they
are hiding darkness. It's true. It feels good to know that
theres someone like u ya kno? I'm a psy vamp so i can sense
auras and drain energy. people call psy vamps soul-
drinkers. Maybe thats true. I know what I am now, but i
dont know how to stop draining energy.Okey enough with all
these spiritual stuff.

I've been advoiding this topic, as u can see from all that
i wrote about my soul and stuff.But it myte as well come
out. That one girl who's been going after meeh. Yea, u kno,
that gurl i mentioned in my last entry. Well, she left mee
alone for a while, then today she approached me again. When
does she learn to quit?! I wasn't really paying attention
but she suddenly appeared in my face and i had to back up.
I ended up backing into a wall. She leaned closer and tried
to kiss meeh! ick!! yuck!! ptoo!!She tried but didn't reach
her goal ^-^. I pushed her aside and told her to leave me
the fuk alone. I then left.Then she sat next to meeh in
lunch and put her hand on my leg. I left to sit between two
of my friends.Later on in my locker I found a note from
her. I'm not going to type all those things down becuz some
is even too dirty for meeh. Lets just say she was telling
meeh all the things she want to do to meeh and what secret
stuff she have in her room.Now i feel really nervouse and
edgy around her. Isn't it sexual harrassment? Deres no use
telling it to my counselor. Dat bitch wont do anything. I
mean,i bet if a gurl is getting raped ryte infront of her
she'll just say its "a harsh form of expressing yourself."
She wont do anything unless it has ta do wit her job and
money.I tihnk I'll tell that gurl to stop it myself.If dat
bitch is so horny, y dun she go and try to fuck a tree? I
dun lyke her at allcant she get it through her head?!?
I'll always remain loyal to J and dats dat. Okey enouf
rambling. g2g! DINNER CALLZ!! YAY!!

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