Letterboxing Adventures
2002-01-17 02:13:54 (UTC)

getting ready for Sarpent Mound

January 16, 2002

Wanting to letterbox Serpent Mound in Adams CountyI have a stamp carved and a plastic food container box ready to GO.!
Now I must wait for the weekend Sunday would be the best day to take the trip.
Also I have a letterbox for Brown County.The first letterbox for that County.Just think a hundred years later and franzsolo had placed the FIRST box in that county.
Also first box for Adams County.
I think the Brown County letterbox will be hidden at the Grant Lake location.

If anyone is reading this, and likes a little adventure,treasure hunting,hiking,or just plain getting out doors go to , clues, ohio,southern,and see all the letterboxes I have placed under alias...franzsolo...

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