This is mine
2002-01-17 01:55:01 (UTC) vacay

To whom it may concern~
ok so we (my parents and sister and i) went to florida for
a couple of days for my gramma's 85th b-day. woo thats old.
it was ok, cept i hate flying. we watched jai-alai, went to
parks, swam and visited relatives. all in all, it was
better than school and a lousy boring weekend in dreary
boring new york.well i gotta do my damn hwk, grrrrr i hate
hwk . i have a head-ache. i have been getting those a lot
lately. ouch they suck. YOU SUCK! kindness is kind- haha
sarah and erica, inside joke nvm. well g2g to hell and
back. oh whoops i mean go do homework and take aspirin.