Like a book
2001-04-16 12:55:47 (UTC)

Trigger Happy tv-without the humor


[Insert happiness here] i've been "cherry-picked" again,
there's something seriously wrong with the guys at abctales,
why do they like my crappy stuff? -Sigh-

My mum says I can do kickboxing, I'm sooooooooo happy. I'll
try my best, what else can I do? But i can't help but feel
things are about to turn for the worst, I'm not sure why but
something bad's going to happen to me. Be it a sudden
ignorance in the writing field or getting struck by
lightening (I don't know where this is coming from, I guess
it's my way of venting the crazy part of myself) it's just

**Oh look, I've found my sanity**

My mum's gone to a concert, an Indian one, I really hate
Indian music, there's something wrong with the high pitched
voices and the movies seem to be lacking plot, but i'm glad
she's happy. I'm entering a writing competition, but I feel
like I've already gotten the rejection letter.

Perhaps I'm thick skinned, it would explain the lack of
feeling at this moment, how do you experience an anti-climax
before reaching the top?

**I can eat 50 eggs**