"My Wonderful Life"
2002-01-17 01:08:27 (UTC)

Dont even know

I dotn even know the last time I wrote in my diary. But I
have deided to do it from someone that they know who they
are. Well I will start here. Our Band Director Mr.
Shelton has probably had a mental Breakdown or somehthing.
He got mad at jake and just told us to put up our
instruments and he diditn say anyhting else and he is going
to be out a souple of days I think he was commited or
something. I have been to the mall in a few days when I
get my car back I might go.( I was in a wreck) I am ok and
the car broke its ty-rod and it was out of alinement. My
dad was suppose to get in alineed and something was bent
and Had to get another piece for it so it will be tomorrow
maybe before I get it back. I hate my dads blazer what I
have to drive now, a tape player come on even I dont have
tapes ANYMORE. I know this is short and not interresting
but I have to go stuff my face. SO I'm hungyr like the fat
kid that walk a marothon.