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2001-04-16 11:38:24 (UTC)


We went to Karen's today..We took Karen some strawberry
plants. The weather was beautiful.Everything went well.
Steve got some frog eggs.The trip did not start well,Steve's
blood was 334!!! We don't think that his shot took. He had
to take another shot. I was afraid that both shots were
going to start at the same time. Boy, I didn't want to drive
to Seattle. We checked again after an hour and he was
240.By the time we got to Seattle he was 111? This diabetes
is hard!!! It make me so mad! Steve is trying so hard.I need
to learn about being to high and ketones.Steve is almost
done with the fence.

April 16,2001: We had three jobs today. Doug's and two for Wood Products. The weather was beautiful.Steve's blood was high again.It
was 236.It made him very depressed. He was kind of depressed all day.I though that he was going to start crying last night. I just
don't know what to do.He is going to start taking the Humulin N again. I know that he needs it but I'm afraid!! It will be so important
that he eats on time. What if I'm not with him. I go for my job interview with Fred Meyer's today. My fever blister isn't looking to good.I
really need this job. If I get it I will not be able to be with Steve. I worry that he will not eat on time. God, please help us!