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2002-01-17 00:41:31 (UTC)


well... ive been best friends with this girl for a while and
all of a sudden it seems like she is just trying to separate
herself from me. and i know we have talked about stuff liek
this before how lik when she doestn wana hang out with
someone she sorta stops calling them and stuff adn then they
just dont talk anymore. and it feels like shes doing that to
me. she is on eof my only best friends and it really feels
bad to think that she is doing this to me. im gona talk to
her about it today but im really nervous that she is gona be
like "yeah i really dont like you so um i dont wana be
friends." cuz i dont know what i will do with myself if i
know that she isnt there for me anymore cuz she is soo
cool.. well if you have any advice please respond to this!!!