Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2002-01-17 00:37:50 (UTC)

Day# 10

Topics on my mind right now.......that Honda weight.....William.....the biology test
tomarrow.....and maybe a little bit of Alex......and my
goemerty homwork......and a new peoject to raise money for
the sofomore class. First of all about that car, my dad
said that he would not consider getting me a convertable.
He said it was out of the question. But, he did say that
he would go look at it. So, that is a plus. About my
weight, today was rough! I ate a jello thing (10), two
servings of Wow chips (150) and then I had some gum bited
of cake and some mushrooms.....but I threw all of that really I only had the chips and the jello. Ok,
so then I am good with my calories. So far as William is
conserned.....I really want to hook up with him this
weekend. And, I wish I was not so fat. Then maybe he
would want me too. I forgot my nootbook so I can't study
for that test. Alex is coming down on Fri. and Stephanie
and I are supposed to throw a party for Mo and he, but we
don't have ace to have it. I want to hook up with him
too......but that won't work I don't think.....especially
if he has the mind set that he wants to hook up with a
bunch of girls. I just plain out don't want to do my
biology homework......and then since I am the fucking class
president I figure I need to come up with a way to raise
money for the prom next year......