Don Juan

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2002-01-17 00:37:44 (UTC)

sitting in a bathroom

You know... I've done some crazy things in bathrooms
(including sex), but today was intresting. I sat in my
best friend's bathroom for about 3 hours just smoking and
talking about things. We've done some CRAZY shit
together... from getting so wasted we drove eachother home
(that was a good night... lol) to jumping out of vehicles
togehter (okay, so I was the only one to do that... so
what!). lol... those were the good old days. I got to
thinking why we were so fucked up. He's just about the
same as me, he started being this way first... but I've
quickly caught up. I don't know... when I talk to people I
know are like me about it... it seems fun. But when I talk
to normal people... it's just plain dumb. So I don't know
what to think about it anymore. Who wants to be normal? I
just want to be me and don't want anyone to try to change
me. Maybe that's been my problem with all the girls so
far. They've either wanted to change me, or I've wanted to
change for them. Maybe I can find someone who will love me
for me and I won't have to deal with the whole 'changing'
issue. Oh well... just another thought to rattle around in
my empty head.

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