Bipolar - Fucked up
2002-01-17 00:14:37 (UTC)

life sux

life fuckin sux, i really cant take it anymore, i just
wanna fuckin die. it bad enough i already lost my bf when
he died the begining of this yr, and me and my bestfriend
that ive had since 5 yrs ago arent talking anymore b/c of
some stupid arguement, and my other best friend is in the
hospital, but ontop of that my dad has to act like an ass
and try to be like my poppop and i just cant stand it. my
parents just expect me not to have a life. they want me to
have my business with my aunt, plus finish school, and in
my freetime spend all of it with my grandma taking care of
her and babysitting my two cousins. i dunno im still a
teenager and i need a fuckin life. i fuckin had to cancel
plans with my bf 4 times in the past week, b/c i had to
spend all my free time watching the kids, or taking care
of my grandma. and when i am home my mom always makes up
some stupid excuse as to y i cant go out. and i havent
talked to my sister shannon in weeks, and im really
worried about her, i dont even know where she is. and my
other grandma doesnt allow me to live there, but she
allows my sister x-friend and baby, and her bf which is a
drug dealer live there. and my real mom well she doesnt
even wanna take the chance to get to know me, wont even
meet me and that just pisses me the fuck off, after all
the shit shes done to us i still want to see her, and she
wont even take the chance.and the cops are being assholes
b/c me and my friend took some pictures at her house, and
their saying it was porn, but i just think its totally
rediculous to even waste time on it. and i just wanna
fuckin die thats all there is to it

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