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2002-01-16 23:58:22 (UTC)

3 hours of sleep

:] hey hello...whats goin on?

i just woke up from a nap. it was needed...haha. adam
called me around 11 and we just didnt get off the phone til
around 230..haha..and there really wasnt much to say. i
just like talking to him. hes the best.

and lemme tell ya what happened today-

after school, on the way outta the building, i was walkin a
few feet behind mike and then i saw this girl turn to him
and ask 'so has stefany said anything about me blah blah
blahhh" and mike was like 'huh?? who?" and she was
like 'stefany...anything about me or whatever.." and mike
was like "ya mean that stefany" and pointed to me and i was
RIGHT behind her..hahaha...it was great. she looked so
STUPID. hahahha. and then i was like 'why would i? i dont
even know you.." and she was like "oh nothin never mind"
and then i thought about it and it was because she might think im
upset about teh adam thing but i mean..come on...why the hell would i
care? haha i was the one tryin to get my one friend to like him and
set her up with him..when we were still together! haha ..sheesh.
people are nuts. and he and i never even were together...he was
always up his friends butts or working. ok so there ya have it.

and tomorrow should be fun. its a half day!!! ahh so great.

but im off to sleep. im actually gonna sleep tonite. :]

s t e f